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I am dedicated to bringing you the images that you will cherish forever and If a package does not meet your ideas please let me know and i can custom taylor a package just for you.


Charlie 6 month old King Charles spaniel



Property and photographer / client rights and use agreement

For valuable consideration received I  

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grant All Creatures Photography / Melinda Brown only the rights covered below and hold responsible both client and photographer and their representatives to this agreement.

This agreement is binding unless other wise amended in writing below with all parties signature.

Viewing and delivery of images shall be through a mutually agreed avenue at mutually agree point in the job. Posting to social media is only allowed through mutual consent and amendments will be noted below and binding to both Client and Photographer.

Images, although the property of the photographer, have not nor will be used or sold in any manner, by any outside service such as physical material manufacturer, stock image sight, charity or advertisement, unless ordered by and approved by the client in writing. Images will be removed from any outside service platform upon manufacture and never offered for resale unless requested by the client.

The below signature grants to photographer the ability to use images to present their work on photographers business web site, photographers business social media, and print images for photographers business promotion unless others wise noted below. 

Client states they have the authorization to sign this binding agreement in regards to the images and property.

This agreement dated_________________

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May I substitute the prints that are included in my shoot for any outside service such as a canvas or aluminum?

Unfortunately we try and keep the costs of outside services low and thus can not substitute.

May I have my digital images?

Digital images are release in only one instance and that is for portraits of children or young adults. After the shoot and prints are made they are put in to jpg format and sent as small 4 x 6 sized images for you to keep. It is my belief that these images should be kept by the family for the future.