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photography for horses, people, pets, commercial

photography for horses, people, pets, commercial

photography for horses, people, pets, commercialphotography for horses, people, pets, commercial


My goal at every shoot is to capture what is in your heart.

It is always an honor when you share that with me and to be a part of your life story. 

Melinda Brown

American Horse Publications Media Awards


Between the Ears and Light and Shadow

It's attention to the details that makes a professional image. 

This video shows a small section of editing focused on black tipped ears on the classic deep shadow background. 

Then we edit for light and shadow. 

If you think of light as a liquid which flows around an object editing for it becomes second nature. After all photography itself is the awareness of light. To apply that same knowledge in the masking of a gradient you must educate yourself on how natural light behaves.


whats up

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The goal is a natural and engaged individual who shows their spirit in their eyes. Each shoot is created with a mood board, an attention to location, light and detail your final use and mostly.....your own relationship with the subject.

Client views

Client views of the images created in family, senior, horse, pony people, and pets.

The best way to view the clients full projects are on a desk top. take a moment and view the full beauty of the wonderful horses, people, animals, and friends who come in front of my lens.