Editing Sullivan

Sullivan is a big fellow. His size only means his heart is just as big. These images are being made for Emily and Nick. Their hearts are as big as Biggy Sully. 

They first saw him at the rescue and could not get him out of their minds. A return the next day confirmed it. He was taken home and has added his large heart to the rest of gang. 

He is now in his forever and always meant to be home.


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The goal is a natural and engaged individual who shows their spirit in their eyes. Each shoot is created with a mood board, an attention to location, light and detail your final use and mostly.....your own relationship with the subject.

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 The VBHSA 2018 Cooler Show is here and the photography is ready to view. 

VBHSA Cooler Show 2018

Client views

Client views of the images created in family, senior, horse, pony people, and pets.

The best way to view the clients full projects are on a desk top. take a moment and view the full beauty of the wonderful horses, people, animals, and friends who come in front of my lens. 

Client views

Horse Stock Photography

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Horse Stock Photography is full of the best equestrian and farm images for use in publication and web.

horse stock photography